This panel will serve as a very case-study heavy, in-the-weeds discussion of the real-world difficulties of building new products that also take compliance and data ethics seriously. Dona’s experience working with companies within COPPA Safe Harbor shows that this can be done–and it’s given her a first hand view of some truly creative solutions to verifying parental consent and developing easy-to-use choice mechanisms. For example, what if we use a thumbprint as a mechanism for verified parental consent? (Lots to unpack there.) What if we had a technical solution to automatically tell which phone numbers belonged to a parent and which to a kid? How do you work within a company to make a “child-directed geolocation app” that actually takes privacy seriously (and doesn’t drive off parents)?

Dona Fraser, Director, CARU, BBB National Programs



Dona Fraser
Dona Fraser

Director, CARU
BBB National Programs