Dona Fraser, Tom Canfarotta, Kathy Carpenter

This panel will serve as a very case-study heavy, in-the-weeds discussion of the real-world difficulties of building new products that also take compliance and data ethics seriously. The panelists will review some truly creative solutions to verifying parental consent and developing easy-to-use choice mechanisms. For example, what if we use a thumbprint as a mechanism for verified parental consent?  What if we had a technical solution to automatically tell which phone numbers belonged to a parent and which to a kid? How do you work within a company to make a “child-directed geolocation app” that actually takes privacy seriously (and doesn’t drive off parents)?

Dona Fraser, Director, CARU, BBB National Programs
Tom Canfarotta, Director of Strategic Accounts & Client Quality Services, Veratad Technologies
Kathy Carpenter, Senior Attorney, Privacy & Data Security, The Pokémon Company International


Dona Fraser
Dona Fraser

Director, CARU
BBB National Programs

Kathy Carpenter
Kathy Carpenter

Senior Attorney, Privacy & Data Security
The Pokémon Company International

tcanfarotta headshot
Tom Canfarotta

Director of Strategic Accounts & Client Quality Services
Veratad Technologies