With the myriad of existing U.S. sectoral privacy laws, the CCPA, and the flood of proposed U.S. privacy bills at the state and federal level, how can companies create and maintain effective privacy by design programs that are robust enough to balance innovation with consumer protection,  but also flexible enough to change as new requirements emerge?  Join our panelists as they discuss strategic steps to develop and implement a privacy program that can adapt as data privacy laws, regulatory standards, and consumer expectations evolve.  Panelists will guide participants through the foundational elements of a robust privacy by design program, and explain which components of that program should be designed with flexibility in mind.  In addition, to help companies future-proof their programs, they will highlight which components of the program should be designed with alternative options at the ready based on emerging privacy concepts posited by legislators, regulators, and advocates.

Melissa Maalouf, Shareholder, ZwillGen
Peder Magee, Senior Staff Attorney, FTC
Kandi Parsons, Shareholder, ZwillGen
Matt Scutari, Privacy Director, Optimizely




Kandi Parsons


Matt Scutari

Privacy Director

Melisa Maalouf


Peder Magee

Senior Staff Attorney
Federal Trade Commission