Nancy Perkins, Jill Whitby, Kate Godfrey

The CCPA purports to exempt from its requirements certain information governed by other privacy laws, including  medical, financial, and credit report information.   Are these exemptions helpful or do their limitations create quandary for entities interacting with California consumers in the financial and healthcare contexts?   What types of financial information are CCPA “personal information” and what are not?   When is healthcare information gathered from or about California consumers CCPA “personal information” and when is it not?  How can entities that are “businesses” under the CCPA best track the personal financial and health and data they collect in order to ensure compliance with the CCPA?   This panel will examine the CCPA’s exemption language in detail and provide guidance on best practices for identifying CCPA-covered data and segregating it for purposes of responding to consumer requests under the CCPA, while maximizing the advantages of the statute’s purported exemptions.


Nancy Perkins, Counsel, Arnold & Porter
Jill Whitby, Vice President and Assistant General Counsel, First Republic Bank
Kate Godfrey, Vice President, Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer, Adaptive Biotechnologies


Jill Whitby Photo
Jill Whitby

VP & Assistant General Counsel
First Republic Bank

Kate Godfrey
Kate Godfrey

Vice President, Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer
Adaptive Biotechnologies

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Nancy Perkins

Arnold & Porter