In today’s hot capital markets and strategic M&A climate, companies and their legal and other advisors need to up their diligence game to meet the challenging of new data protection and surveillance laws and materially expanding risks of liability to third parties, government enforcement, or corrective actions. In this session, we will cover advanced legal or technical due diligence topics around data risks.  These topics include  pre-signing or pre-closing third party compromise assessments, reps and warranties and indemnities, post-closing management of pending investigations or lawsuits, running GDPR compliant data-sites and processes and documents, the types of documents that are meaningful and indispensable to a data-site review, the  nature of the interview process, and the consequences when data protection or security issues themselves are material to the Company’s products, services, and risks.

Jennifer Archie, Partner, Latham & Watkins



Jennifer Archie

Latham & Watkins