Eric Friedberg, Lisa Sotto, Heidi Wachs

Data ecosystems have become complex, opaque, sprawling, and spread across affiliates, partners and third party developers and analytics firms. Privacy compliance, regulatory compliance, litigation response and good hygiene often require companies to determine what data is in their custody and control and whether the provenance of that data is problematic. Was data over-collected in violation of APIs or ULAs, improperly scraped or retained too long? Can the company or its partners even find that data, or has it been inexorably woven into AI or analytics databases? Does anonynmization cure provenance issues? This panel will discuss these issues and how to identify and remediate data both in the course of internal data audits and audits of third parties, as well as how to create certifications of compliance for internal, regulatory and litigation settlement purposes.”

Eric Friedberg, Co-President, Aon’s Cyber Solutions
Lisa Sotto, Partner, Hunton Andrews Kurth
Heidi Wachs, Vice President, Aon’s Cyber Solutions


Eric Friedberg

Aon’s Cyber Solutions

Heidi Wachs

Managing Director
Aon’s Cyber Solutions

Lisa Sotto

Hunton Andrews Kurth