Data breaches and other privacy-related incidents frequently take on a cross-border dimension. And internal investigations relating to any subject can present some of the most challenging issues for international privacy lawyers. How can data protection lawyers navigate the multiple regulatory regimes, notification requirements, law enforcement considerations, and internal corporate dynamics that accompany a transnational privacy incident? And how to contend with legal regimes that contain various and sometimes contradictory rules for global internal investigations and other kinds of enforcement actions? This session will examine a number of global jurisdictions, examine the most complex issues for investigations, and present practical take-away’s for lawyers.

Daniel S. Weber, Deputy Head of Investigations, Switzerland, UBS AG (Switzerland)
Robert P. Silvers, Partner, Paul Hastings

2:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Room 301


Robert P. Silvers

Paul Hastings

Daniel S. Weber

Deputy Head of Investigations Switzerland