Stefan Brink, Rebecca Kelly Slaughter, Paul M. Schwartz

As the 18-month mark approaches since the GDPR took effect, it is high time for a trans-Atlantic assessment of privacy law.  What are the latest developments regarding enforcement in the U.S. and EU?  Are their similarities in the emerging response to AI?  Looking into the crystal ball, what will be the most important international issues in privacy over the next three to five years?

Stefan Brink, Data Protection Commissioner, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
Rebecca Kelly Slaughter, Commissioner, FTC

Paul M. Schwartz, Jefferson E. Peyser Professor, University of California Berkeley School of Law


Paul Schwartz final square
Paul Schwartz

Jefferson E. Peyser Professor
University of California Berkeley School of Law

Rebecca Kelly Slaughter
Rebecca Kelly Slaughter

Federal Trade Commission

Stephen Brink
Stefan Brink

Data Protection Commissioner