Mike Hintze, Lourdes Turrecha, Elaine Sedenberg

Data held by companies holds the potential to unlock new scientific insights that can benefit society and expand human knowledge. When responsibly shared with academic researchers, this data can support progress in medicine and public health, education, social science, and many other fields. But companies face a variety of barriers to sharing data for academic research – including the need to protect privacy, address commercial concerns, maintain ethical standards, and comply with legal obligations. This panel will discuss those barriers and practical approaches for addressing and overcoming them.


Mike Hintze, Partner, Hintze Law PLLC; Senior Fellow, Future of Privacy Forum; Affiliate Instructor, University of Washington School of Law
Lourdes Turrecha, Senior Privacy Counsel, Palo Alto Networks
Elaine Sedenberg, Privacy and Data Policy Manager, Facebook


Elaine Sedenberg
Elaine Sedenberg

Privacy and Data Policy Manager

Lourdes Turrecha
Lourdes Turrecha

Senior Privacy Counsel
Palo Alto Networks

Mike HIntze
Mike Hintze

Hintze Law