At first glance, Blockchain technology and the GDPR seem irreconcilable. The GDPR was designed for an era where data are processed centrally. In contrast, blockchains are decentralized by their very essence. Immutability is considered to be one of Blockchain key characteristics, whereas GDPR promotes the right to be forgotten. At the same time, however, Blockchain has the potential to enhance individual autonomy by enabling individuals to gain control over their personal data. In this fashion, it speaks to the core ideals of the General Data Protection Regulation. This session proposes to study the intersection of Blockchain Technology and the GDPR.

Olivier Proust, Partner Technology, Outsourcing & Privacy at Fieldfisher (Belgium) LLP
Paola Heudebert, Blockchain Legal Researcher and Legal Trainee at Fieldfisher LLP

Room 302


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Paola Heudebert

Blockchain Legal Researcher, Legal Trainee