Nick Gross, Doron Goldstein

The CCPA has started an avalanche of new state privacy laws and amendments around the country. From New York to Nevada, these regulations aim to put the control of personal data back with the people, but leave privacy and marketing teams with even more questions. Just how alike are the CCPA’s “Do Not Sell” and Nevada Privacy Law’s “Opt Out of Sale” requirements? How do you understand what data you sell and where that data exists? How can you create customer experiences that deliver on user experience expectations that also integrate with backend systems to automate the process? This session will answer these questions, compare the two laws, share a “Do Not Sell”/”Opt Out of Sale” roadmap and action plan and detail how to create a scalable and sustainable approach to consumer rights to comply with a variety of state and global privacy laws.

Nicholas Gross, Privacy Counsel, OneTrust
Doron Goldstein, Partner, Katten


Doron Goldstein
Doron Goldstein


Nick Gross
Nicholas Gross

Privacy Counsel