Jacob Sommer, Marc Zwillinger, Brian Kyuhoon No

More and more states/cities are trying to regulate disruptors like Airbnb, or scooter companies by issuing regulations that require companies to broadly disclose customer lists to municipal or state government without the need for formal legal process.  These regulations are in the name of “consumer protection,” but have the effect of giving governments unprecedented access to consumer information without any showing of need or probable cause.  On this panel we will discuss how to recognize these types of problematic regulatory efforts, and how to push back on these regulations in the name of privacy.

Jacob Sommer, Shareholder, ZwillGen
Marc Zwillinger, Founder, ZwillGen
Brian Kyuhoon No, Head of Public Policy, Spin


Brian No
Brian Kyuhoon No

Head of Public Policy

Jacob Sommer


Marc Zwillinger
Marc Zwillinger