Bob Sullivan, Jen Ellis, Sinziana Gutiu, Harri Hursti, Mark Rasch, Randy Sabett, Chloe Autio

Bob Sullivan, Independent Journalist formerly with MSNBC and NBC News

Jen Ellis, Vice President of Community and Public Affairs, Rapid7
Sinziana Gutiu, Senior Program Manager GDPR and Compliance, TELUS
Harri Hursti, Founding Partner, Nordic Innovation Labs
Mark Rasch, Adjunct Professor of Law, George Washington University
Randy Sabett, Special Counsel, Cooley
Chloe Autio, Policy Analyst, Intel Corporation

Session A – 09:00am – 10:15am
Infosec 501: A crash master’s course in cybersecurity
Why most hacks happen; advanced hacking techniques and security essentials; effective use of network intrusion, detection and analysis tools.

Session B – 10:45am – 12:00pm
Show and Tell: How hackers think, and what tools they use
A server on a stick. USB cable Trojan horses. Computer mice that can hack a network in seconds. The latest gadgets hackers use to break into networks — why they are so hard to spot, why you (and your employees) need to learn to think like a hacker.

Session C – 1:30pm – 2:45 pm
Equifax and Ethics
The cascade of errors that led to one of the most important hacks ever; lessons learned from hours of interviews with insiders about what went wrong before and after the attack.  Then, a discussion of ethical issues that arise when IT departments engage in “self-defense.” For example:  Is “hack back”  a good idea,  a felony (or both?). So you’ve found a vulnerability in someone else’s system — now what?

Session D – 3:15pm – 04:30pm
Talking tech: When hackers IT staff and privacy / compliance staff talk past each other

Why compliance is often the enemy of security; why not all encryption is created (or implemented) equally; why two-factor authentication isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, why it’s been cracked, and what mobile networks are (finally) doing about it; the trouble with the “see, detect, and arrest” model; the importance protecting data at inception; how to tell the difference between a 1-alarm fire and a 5-alarm fire; why it’s problematic for CISOs to report to CIOs.


Bob Sullivan
Bob Sullivan

Independent Journalist
formerly with MSNBC & NBC News

Chloe Autio
Chloe Autio

Policy Analyst
Intel Corporation

Hari Hursti
Harri Hursti

Founding Partner
Nordic Innovation Labs

Jen Ellis
Jen Ellis

Vice President of Community and Public Affairs

Mark Rasch 400x400
Mark Rasch

Adjunct Professor of Law
George Washington University

Randy Sabett
Randy Sabett

Special Counsel

Sinziana Gutiu
Sinziana Gutiu

Senior Program Manager GDPR and Compliance