Increasingly, a data breach will affect data subjects in countries across the globe. That complicates a number of response issues, such as how to notify individuals located world-wide, how to move personal data across jurisdictional lines, as well as other matters. Within the last year, moreover, a new issue has emerged: active investigations by governmental regulators outside the U.S. As a result, one incident can spawn multiple investigations, sometimes with competing and inconsistent demands. This session will draw on practical insights from dealing with the leading current hotbeds for global data breach investigations.

James Harvey, Partner, Alston & Bird
Mark Watts, Partner, Bristows, LLP
Kristi Swartz, Managing Partner, Swartz Binnersley & Associates
Joel Heft, Senior Vice President Global Breach and Regulatory Solutions, Equifax Canada Inc.

Room 308


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Mark Watts


Kristi Swartz
Kristi Swartz

Managing Partner
Swartz Binnersley & Associates

Heft Joel
Joel Heft

Senior Vice President Global Breach and Regulatory Solutions
Equifax Canada

James Harvey
James Harvey

Alston & Bird