Nowhere are regulators quicker to act than at the intersection of kids and privacy. In the United States, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act has long imposed stringent requirements for providing notice and obtaining parental consent for kid-directed websites, and those requirements now extend not only to mobile apps, but also to connected toys, fitness trackers, and other connected services. The GDPR imposes different parental consent requirements for child-directed services (and in some countries, teen-directed services). And as GDPR-like laws proliferate globally, the landscape governing kids’ privacy continues to become more complicated. This session will explore considerations for launching child-directed services and knowingly allowing child users globally – including where companies may use the same structure and where they need to localize to meet legal requirements.

Meredith Halama, Partner, Perkins Coie
Mark Watts, Partner, Bristows

Room 301


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Mark Watts


Meredith Halama

Perkins Coie