Privacy + Security Leader Awards

Exceptional Achievements

The Privacy + Security Leader Awards will be given to privacy and security figures who have accomplished exceptional career achievements or have demonstrated outstanding thought leadership. Our first ceremony awarding these prizes will take place during the 2017 Privacy + Security Awards, October 4-6, in Washington, DC.

Awarding Privacy + Security Leaders

We plan to give out several Privacy + Security Leader Awards at the 2017 Privacy + Security Forum. These will be awarded to privacy and security leaders in different domains, such as government, law firms, in-house, NGOs, technology, and academia. These marks of recognition will be granted annually.


In order to receive the award, award winners are required to accept the award and make a brief acceptance speech (3-5 minutes).  Award winners thus must either attend the award ceremony or submit a video-recorded acceptance speech.

Celebrating Distinguished Individuals

We are launching the Privacy + Security Leader Awards to recognize people who have records of remarkable achievement.  The development and progress of privacy and security law will be furthered by the identification and celebration of the distinguished individuals in our field.

Promoting Community

The Privacy + Security Leader Awards will hopefully fill a noticeable gap: there are many people with records of remarkable achievement in privacy and security but without acknowledgment of their achievement.  We think that more recognition for the leaders of our field will help promote community in the privacy and security field.


Eligible for the award are in-house lawyers, computer programmers, governmental attorneys, politicians, think-tank experts, big firm lawyers, academics, security experts, professors, and civil society policymakers.

Nominate a Privacy + Security Leader

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  • Nominee

  • Briefly describe the nominee’s exceptional career achievements or outstanding thought leadership.
  • If known, please provide a link to the nominee’s website.
  • If known, please provide a link to the nominees LinkedIn profile.
  • Please provide any other useful information or links to help us evaluate the nominee.