Gary Kibel, Rachel Glasser, Kim Smouter-Umans

The market research industry often relies on a model of collecting and storing large data sets and thereafter conducting research and analysis against those previously collected data sets.  With the advent of data subject access rights under GDPR, similar rights under the CCPA and the trend towards more transparency and consumer access, and understanding who data is sold to, the market research industry must adapt to the new paradigm.  The value of the discipline is unquestioned, but old practices may need to be updated to work in the new privacy climate.

Gary Kibel, Partner, Davis & Gilbert
Rachel Glasser, Chief Privacy Officer, Wunderman Thompson
Kim Smouter-Umans, Head of Public Affairs and Professionals Standards, ESOMAR


Gary Kibel

Davis & Gilbert

Kim Smouter Umans
Kim Smouter-Umans

Head of Public Affairs & Professional Standards

Rachel Glasser
Rachel Glasser

Chief Privacy Officer
Wunderman Thompson