Caitlin Potratz Metcalf

This session will explore global trends in data privacy legislation and how to structure a practical, business-friendly approach to data protection and compliance. After GDPR, countries are focused more than ever on data protection and increasingly are pursuing national approaches to protect consumer data privacy. In Asia, Japan touts robust data protection since its adequacy decision, but the privacy laws in Hong Kong and Malaysia, for example, have divergent consent and breach notifications. Latin America has witnessed enhanced data protection most recently with Brazil’s new national law. The U.S. landscape is changing with the California Consumer Privacy Act, Washington’s proposed legislation and growing support from tech companies for comprehensive national privacy legislation to address disparate state laws. Among the practical topics covered at this session are potential consumer demands for opt-out and data deletion requests and tensions in conflicting national laws and the GDPR.

Caitlin Potratz Metcalf, Senior U.S. Associate, Linklaters


Caitlin Potratz
Caitlin Potratz Metcalf

Senior U.S. Associate