Caitlin Potratz Metcalf, Mary Stone Ross, Bari Guttman

This session will explore global trends in data privacy legislation and how to structure a practical, business-friendly approach to data protection and compliance.  The past few years since GDPR have seen an explosion of data privacy and cybersecurity laws around the globe, often with different or conflicting requirements. The U.S. landscape is changing with the California Consumer Privacy Act, New York’s SHIELD Act, and other states’ proposed legislation—and there is growing support for comprehensive national privacy legislation.  Global consumers are increasingly aware of how companies collect, share and monetize their personal data, creating demands for privacy and security protections that go beyond legal requirements.  Among the practical topics covered at this session are: consumer expectations for consent (opt-in vs. opt-out);  data access and deletion requests; how to assess and manage multi-jurisdiction data breach notification requirements; considering personal data in acquisitions; and future-proofing your privacy framework.

Caitlin Potratz Metcalf, CIPP/US, Linklaters
Mary Stone Ross, Principal, MSR Strategies
Bari Guttman, Global Compliance, PVH Corp.

Bari Gutman
Bari Guttman

Global Compliance
PVH Corp.

Caitlin Potratz
Caitlin Potratz Metcalf


Mary Stone Ross
Mary Stone Ross

MSR Strategies