Cameron Kerry, Neema Singh Guliani, Aaron Cooper, Daniel Solove

This keynote session will focus on the various proposals for a federal privacy law. Are we likely to see enactment of a federal statute soon?  How are state privacy laws affecting the debate in DC?   What are the latest proposals for handling preemption and other challenging issues?

Cameron Kerry, Tisch Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Brookings Institute
Neema Singh Guliani, Senior Legislative Counsel, ACLU
Aaron Cooper, VP, Global Policy BSA/Software Alliance

Daniel Solove, John Marshall Harlan Research Professor, George Washington University Law School


Aaron Cooper

Vice President, Global Policy
BSA | The Software Alliance

Cameron Kerry
Cameron Kerry

Tisch Distinguished Visiting Fellow
Brookings Institute

Solove Daniel
Daniel Solove

John Marshall Harlan Research Professor
George Washington University Law School

neema guliani
Neema Singh Guliani

Senior Legislative Counsel