Al Raymond, Helen Beckschi, Anne Fealey, Todd Ruback

Financial institutions face a dense network of federal and state regulations. At the same time, this sector is seeking to innovate services and products to better serve consumers. This session looks at emerging best practices in privacy and security governance for financial institutions. It will also present typical problem areas in this area and discuss practical solutions.

Al Raymond, Executive Director, Privacy Compliance Lead, JPMorgan Chase
Helen Beckschi, Wells Fargo US Privacy Officer, Wells Fargo
Anne Fealey, Global Chief Privacy Officer, Citi

Todd Ruback, Director, Promontory Financial Group, an IBM Company


Al Raymond400 400x400
Albert Raymond

Executive Director – Privacy Compliance Lead
JPMorgan Chase

Fealey Anne
Anne Fealey

Global Chief Privacy Officer

Helen Beckschi
Helen Beckschi

US Privacy Officer
Wells Fargo

Todd Ruback
Todd Ruback

Promontory Financial Group, an IBM Company