Arianna Evers, Ali Jessani, Lee Matheson

More companies than ever before are relying on big data and artificial intelligence (AI) to measure and optimize business outcomes, as well as drive innovation. At the same time, privacy and other laws and regulations are complicating the relevant legal framework that businesses have to account for when utilizing big data and AI. This presentation outlines the relevant legal framework for big data and artificial intelligence from both a US and global perspective. We discuss the intersection of these concepts to laws regulating personal information, deidentification, and data security, as well as how businesses can address these challenges through their compliance programs.

Arianna Evers, Special Counsel, WilmerHale
Ali Jessanie, Senior Associate, WilmerHale
Lee Matheson, Senior Counsel for Global Privacy, Future of Privacy Forum


Ali Jessani
Ali Jessani

Senior Associate

Arianna Evers

Special Counsel

Lee Matheson

Senior Counsel for Global Privacy
Furture of Privacy Forum