Lourdes Turrecha, Andy Roth, Rama Veeraragoo, Stefan Cohen, Heather Glenn Wade

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Privacy tech is on the rise. In the preceding months alone, an infusion of capital in several prominent privacy tech compliance companies. In the consumer context, there is an increasing number of privacy tech startups from founders who recognize existing privacy problems and see new opportunities.  In this session, privacy tech founders, advisors, and investors will provide their insights into the rise of privacy technologies. Attendees will learn about how the emerging privacy tech space works, the pitfalls in investing in or starting your own privacy tech company, and the considerations for an advisory role in a privacy tech startup.


Lourdes Turrecha, Founder and CEO, PIX
Andy Roth, Chief Privacy Officer, Intuit
Stefan Cohen, Partner, Bain Capital Ventures
Rama Veeraragoo, Co-founder & CEO, DocuVision.ai
Heather Glenn Wade, Founder & CEO, Preclusio


Andy Roth
Andy Roth

Chief Privacy Officer

Heather Glen Wade
Heather Glenn Wade

Founder & CEO

Lourdes Turrecha
Lourdes Turrecha

The Rise of Privacy Tech

Rama Verraragoo
Rama Veeraragoo

Co-founder & CEO

Stefan Cohen
Stefan Cohen

Bain Capital Ventures