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Privacy+Security Forum, Spring Forum | May 6-8, 2020

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Welcome to our Virtual Event!

This is the first time we’re holding an event of this size virtually. We believe that it is better to try to do something than to give up and stay cooped up in isolation. Our event is a chance to reconnect, to grow business, to speak and share ideas, to meet new people, and build our community. We believe that many will be eager to follow our lead and engage and interact virtually.  We will be innovative and work hard to try to encourage interactivity and help people connect in small groups and one-to-one discussions.

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We are optimistic that we can succeed.  So many participants have already expressed their overwhelming enthusiasm for our vision for a virtual event. We have received a tremendously positive response. People are eager to follow our lead and engage in the interactive activities we list above. Our community really wants to come together and do what it takes to make this event successful!

By eliminating travel and lodging expenses, attending the virtual event will be considerably less expensive than attending a physical event. Our event will offer ways to earn CLE and CE credits.

Please join us! We hope that you will engage and interact.  We welcome your ideas for our event. We are open to trying new things to make this event the best it can be!

Please join us!

….. Daniel Solove               Paul Schwartz

How will we engage in virtual networking?

We encourage participants in the following networking events:


Content Video Chats:

      • Virtual Expo Booths
        discuss new tools and services with exhibitors, see demos
      • Topical Video Chats
        discuss a hot topic with a small group of peers (5-10)


Social Video Chats:

      • Virtual Lunch Tables
        join your friends for lunch
      • Virtual Coffee Breaks
        catch up over coffee
      • Virtual Happy Hour
        have a drink with peers
      • Neighborhood Walks
        show your neighborhood
      • Meet the Pets
        meet the pets of your peers
      • Show and Tell
        share your favorite privacy/security movies, books, art, or cartoons

Why Are We Holding a Virtual Event?

With many privacy/security events cancelled, we want to create an opportunity for our community to come together. So many participants have already expressed their overwhelming enthusiasm for our vision for a virtual event. Please join us!

Our event is a chance to reconnect, to grow business, to speak and share ideas, to meet new people, reconnect with clients, and build our community. We believe that many will be eager to follow our lead and engage and interact virtually.


How Can I Network at a Virtual Event?

Event Sessions.  Our event sessions will be conducted through Zoom, a platform familiar to many of us. One member of our staff will participate in every session to assist with any technical questions. Speakers will incorporate time for Q&A. Recorded sessions will be made available to all conference participants so they can now see every session, even those held concurrently.

Small Group Zoom Meetings. You may join numerous 15-30-minute Zoom meetings on a variety of different topics with 5-10 people. All meetings will have a preselected discussion leader. Some meetings will be open to all participants, others will be accessible by invitation by the discussion leader only.

Virtual Lunch Tables.  Join a virtual table in a more informal group conversation with up to 8 people. Each “table” will be a Zoom meeting with up to 8 people.

Virtual Exhibit Booths.   Exhibitors will benefit from our virtual expo and receive a Zoom video chat room for conversations and demos.  Participants can visit the expo page and chat with the exhibitors. Each exhibitor will be free to use their virtual booth in creative ways – you might be able to win prizes, receive exhibitor gifts in the mail, or see demos.

One-On-One Video Chats.  A key part of an event is finding a moment to catch up one-on-one with a friend. We will be asking participants to block time to catch up with at least 5 people via Zoom or Skype using the participant list distributed in advance (subject to opt-out).

Why Sponsor the Virtual Privacy+Security Forum?

With the absence of a physical meeting space, many of the sponsorship items will transition to a virtual format. There are some very compelling reasons why this event will be a most valuable opportunity for sponsors.

Participating sponsors will gain access to a large gathering of highly seasoned privacy professionals. This will be a wonderful opportunity to connect with people while we are facing the challenges of isolation due to Covid-19. If you want to develop business, reconnect with clients, catch up with prospects, and gain exposure in the privacy and security community, then this is the opportunity.

We hope to see many of you involved in our virtual event and be part on the community we build together. There are limited ways for our community to engage right now; no other ways to speak, to share ideas, to network, to develop business. We are hoping to innovate and create a way for this to happen. Our event will be one of the only ways to reach a big audience for the foreseeable future.

Finally, we have creative ideas to help sponsors gain exposure and great value from this event. If we succeed, we’ll have a large group of seasoned professionals ready to participate in sessions virtually and eager to reach out and connect with each other virtually. Please share with us any ideas and feedback you have on our plan.


What Are the Sponsorship Networking Opportunities?

Virtual Expo Booths. Exhibiting sponsors can engage with participants throughout the event in a dedicated virtual exhibit booth facilitated by Zoom. Participants can easily pop into the Zoom video chat room at any time. Sponsors can be creative about how they set up their visuals and how they use their booth. Sponsors can plan activities and even have giveaways that they mail them to people.

Branding. There will be opportunities for branding at various locations throughout our site. We will have online schedules, our PDF schedule, and instruction sheets for speakers and participants.

Email Exposure. We will be engaging in more extensive email communications with participants. We’ll be making event announcements and other communications before, during, and after the event via email. We can feature branded sponsor information in these communications, whitepapers and other documents.

Virtual Lunch Tables. We are planning virtual lunch tables. Sponsors can sponsor a lunch table and invite folks to their table.

Gift to Selected Participants. Sponsors can have a gift (perhaps a box of chocolates, coffee, snacks, a mug, pens, etc.) sent to selected participants prior to the event for use during the event.

Access to Recorded Sessions. Currently, only registered participants will be able to access recorded sessions after the event. If you choose to sponsor a recorded session, we will make the recording available to you to share on your own website with an even larger audience.

Advertisements. Sponsors can have ads in our guides and other conference pages and documents.

Additional Speaking Opportunities. We can find additional speaking opportunities for sponsors.

Discussion Leader in a Small Group Topical Video Chat. We will be offering numerous small group discussion groups where people can meet for 15-30 mins and discuss issues of interest. We will have sign-ups for these groups. Sponsors can have their SMEs be discussion leaders for these video chats. These groups will be a great way to meet leads and learn about the issues that they are concerned about and discuss them with them.

Copious Comps. We will provide sponsors a very generous number of comps to offer to their colleagues, clients, and friends.

Speaking Tips

The event host sets the tone for the event. Practice and preparation beforehand will ensure your audience has the very best experience. Here are a couple of pro tips to ensure you have a successful digital event:

  • Hardwire your internet connection: This will help you avoid any issues with an unstable wifi connection, which can affect your audio quality and the overall attendee experience.
  • Test the audio before your session begins: This will ensure your speakers and mic are working properly before the live event begins. Here’s how to test your device audio.
  • Minimize background noise: Try to host your webinar in a quiet place. If you must be in a loud environment, using a headset with a mic often reduces background noise compared with your computer’s built-in microphone. In fact, a headset is a general best practice for higher-quality audio than other built-in options.
  • Dress to impress: You’ll be on video, so be sure to wear business attire. We recommend solid colors as opposed to garments with patterns. Be mindful of any accessories or jewelry if you are expressive with your hands as the noise and movement can be quite distracting.
  • Start on time: We recommend you start your event 10 minutes early to allow your attendees to join before the content kicks off.


Engaging your audience

One of the main benefits of an in-person event is the interaction. Online events also can offer an informative and interactive experience while you enjoy the comfort of your home or office. It’s important to put just as much effort into the online experience as you would for an in-person event. Here are a few tips to help you maximize engagement:

  • Set the tone: Welcome attendees as they join your session. Start with an icebreaker question and ask attendees to send in their answers in the chat. “Where is everyone joining from today?” “What are you looking forward to hearing/learning about?” Call out some of the answers you hear and share your own response with the audience.
  • Enable Q&A: Designate a co-hosts to help answer questions that come in during the event. We recommend you encourage attendees to ask questions throughout the session. This gives you a chance to collect questions as you go and decide whether to answer them live or wait until the end. There’s nothing worse than dead air, so prepare a few questions in advance in case you need to fill the gap.
  • Reactions: Zoom is feature-rich and capable of hosting all-hands meetings or other internal events for large audiences. Participants can now react during a meeting by sending a thumbs up or clapping hands to communicate their excitement without interrupting the presentation.

What Is Zoom?

The Privacy+Security Forum uses Zoom, a cloud-based video conferencing platform for video conferencing meetings, audio conferencing, webinars, meeting recordings, and live chat.

How Do I Attend a Session?

Download the Zoom app. Open our schedule page and click on the session you would like to attend. Click on the “Join Session” button and follow the prompts. In addition, we will email all participants a document that contains all session URLs.

Do I Need a Zoom Account or to Join a Meeting?

No. A Zoom account is not required to attend a meeting. Anyone can join a meeting using the Zoom app. Please download the Zoom app before the conference.

Can I Use Zoom on a Mobile Device?

Yes. The Zoom app is available for iOS and Android. We suggest that speakers and participants use the desktop Zoom app for better video quality.

Can Participants Chat During the Sessions?

Yes. Zoom includes built-in group and private chat support. We also have designated small-group meetings that take place outside of the regular session times.

Why Should I Mute Myself When I Am Not Speaking?

Mute yourself when you’re not talking to cut down on distracting background noise. In your preferences, you can set yourself to be automatically muted when you join a meeting.

What Kind of Network Connection Should I Use With Zoom?

Try to use the best available network connection to participate in a session. Wired network connections work better than wireless connections. Likewise, Wi-Fi is preferable to a cellular connection when using a mobile device.

Best Practices

  • Toggle to Speaker View in the upper right corner of yourscreen. (not Gallery View) Learn more
  • Participants should remain muted in the Zoom meeting unless you wish to speak.
  • Please follow the direction of the panelists on their preferred method and timing for communicating questions such as chat, raise hands or an open QA after the presentation.
  • Learn more about your controls during the Zoom meeting on this page.

What are we doing to prevent Zoom bombing?

  • We always generate a random meeting ID
  • We use a password for each Zoom meeting
  • The hosts and co-hosts are the only participants who can share their screens.

I attended the virtual conference and want to apply for CLE credits

Please download CLE form for the live event and return it to Kathleen McFadden,, phone: 610-312-3554

I have purchased On-Demand Sessions and want to apply for CLE credits?

Please download the CLE form for the On-Demand sessions and return it to Kathleen McFadden,, phone: 610-312-3554

Where Do I Pay for CLE Credits?

Please pay for your CLE credits here.