FAQs Virtual Conference

What materials do I have to submit?

  • Profile Photo (submit by Sep 15, 2020)
  • Short Bio (submit by Sep 15, 2020, will not be published)
  • Advance Reading Materials and Handouts (by Oct 14, 2020)
    Materials such as articles, papers, citation and background materials are required to satisfy CLE requirements. 
  • PPT Presentation (submit by Oct 19, 2020)
    Access to PPTs is restricted to attendees on a password protected page. You may use our PPT template or use your own.
Submit Photo, Bio, Materials + PPTs

Do speakers have to register?

Yes. All speakers must register prior to the event. Speakers receive complimentary admission for events on Oct 22-22 and will enjoy a 50% discount for all events taking place on Oct 21, 2020. Please use discount code sent by email.

Speaker Registration

How do I plan for my session?

Designate a session leader who spearheads the session planning, in addition to participating as a panel speaker. Schedule a conference call to plan for rigorous session content, audience participation, and Q&A. Our attendees are seasoned professionals, so feel free to do “deep dives” and cover advanced topics.

How do I plan for audience participations?

Encourage attendees to ask questions throughout the session. This gives you a chance to collect questions as you go and decide whether to answer them live or wait until the end. There’s nothing worse than dead air, so prepare a few questions in advance in case you need to fill the gap.

How do I communicate my schedule requirements?

If you have scheduling requirements for the conference dates, please let us know early on.

What is the dress code?

Prepare for a great networking experience in a casual business atmosphere.

Will members of the media be present?

Members of the media may attend the event.

Are the sessions recorded?

Sessions of the virtual event will be recorded and made available after the conference.

How do I engage in social media?

Im speaking light blue  Im speaking green

 Share one of the images above using hashtag #privsecforum


Can I use a background in Zoom?

You may use our Privacy+Security Forum background image.

Branded Zoom Background

How can I submit our ad?

If your sponsorship package includes an ad, please upload it by Sep 21, 2020.

Upload Ad

Why sponsor the virtual Privacy+Security Forum?

Sponsors will gain access to a large gathering of highly seasoned privacy professionals. If you want to develop business, reconnect with clients, catch up with prospects, and gain exposure in the privacy and security community, then this is the opportunity.

We hope to see many of you at our virtual event and be part on the community we build together. There are limited ways for our community to engage right now; no other ways to speak, to share ideas, to network, to develop business. At our Spring Event, we created a successful way for this to happen.


What are the sponsorship networking opportunities?

Virtual Expo Booths. Exhibiting sponsors can meet with participants throughout the event in a virtual exhibit space. Sponsors can plan activities and even have giveaways that they mail them to people.

Branding. There will be opportunities for branding throughout the virtual event. We will have our PDF schedule and instruction sheets guiding speakers and participants through the event.

Email Exposure. We will feature particular sponsors in our email communication before, during, and after the event by sharing whitepapers and other documents.

Virtual Lunch Tables.  Sponsors can sponsor a virtual lunch table and invite folks to their table.

Gift to Selected Participants. Sponsors can send a gift (perhaps a box of chocolates, coffee, snacks, a mug, etc.) to selected participants prior to the event.

Access to Sessions On Demand. Recording will be available after the event for a small fee. If you choose to sponsor a session on-demand, we will make it available to you to share with an even larger audience.

Advertisements. Sponsors can have ads in our guides and other conference pages and documents.

Additional Speaking Opportunities. We can find additional speaking opportunities for sponsors.

Discussion Leader in a Small Group Topical Video Chat. We will be offering numerous small group discussion groups where people can meet for 15-30 mins. These groups will be a great opportunity to generate leads.

Comps. We will provide sponsors a generous number of comps to offer to their colleagues, clients, and friends.

How can I become a sponsor?

Your Sponsorship support is one of the most powerful mediums to communicate and form relationships with key stakeholders. To explore opportunities, please contact:

Suzanne Armstrong
Sales + Business Development
+1 (847) 687-0501

How can I join a session?

Please download the Zoom app. You will receive all Zoom URLs one week prior to the conference by email. Simply click on the Zoom URL to join a session.

Can I join a session from my phone?

Yes. The Zoom app is available for iOS and Android. We recommend using the desktop Zoom app for better video quality if possible.

Can I chat with others during a session?

Yes. Zoom includes built-in group and private chat support. We also offer small-group meetings that take place outside of the regular session times.

What are best Zoom practices during the conference?

  • Toggle to Speaker View in the upper right corner of yourscreen.
  • Remain muted unless you wish to speak.
  • Follow the panelist’s direction on their preferred method for communicating questions.
  • Learn more about your controls during the Zoom meeting here.

What type of network connection is best?

Use the best available network connection to participate in a session. Wired network connections work better than wireless connections. Likewise, Wi-Fi is preferable to a cellular connection when using a mobile device.

What are we doing to prevent Zoom bombing?

  • We always generate a random meeting ID.
  • We use a password for each Zoom meeting.
  • The hosts and co-hosts are the only participants who can share their screens.

How can I apply for CLE credits after attending the virtual conference?

Please download CLE form for the live event and return it to Kathleen McFadden, cle@litigationconferences.com, phone: 610-312-3554. Forms will be posted here on Oct 21, 2020.

How can I apply for CLE credits after having viewed sessions On-Demand?

Please download the CLE form for the On-Demand sessions and return it to Kathleen McFadden, cle@litigationconferences.com, phone: 610-312-3554. Forms will be posted here on Oct 21, 2020.

Where Do I Pay for CLE Credits?

Please pay for your CLE credits here.

How can I Submit my CPE Credits?

Please submit your CPE credits directly to IAPP.