Aaron Ting, Lael Bellamy

While there has been a lot of discussion at workshops of the California Department of Justice on the nuances of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), there are, unfortunately, still more questions than answers. If that wasn’t confusing enough, there is also a looming amendment in Sacramento to create a private right of action for any violation of the law without a cure period. Despite this uncertainty, now is the time for action in preparing for CCPA.  For example,  parts of the CCPA require you to start tracking the collection and sharing of your personal data this year (the “one-year look-back”). In this session, industry leaders will explain how they are solving the hardest parts of CCPA.


Aaron Ting, Lead Counsel, Product & Privacy, Facebook
Lael Bellamy, Director, Privacy & Cybersecurity, Fenwick & West


Aaron Ting
Aaron Ting

Lead Counsel

Lael Bellamy

Privacy and Cybersecurity Director
Fenwick & West