Raphaël Dana, João Rodrigues, Lisl Brunner

Companies are increasingly drawing on AI in products and services, but the legal regulatory landscape is uncertain. This session looks at the current discussion in the EU and Europe for regulating AI, including requirements for privacy, transparency, safety, ethics, and accountability. These emerging standards are critical for U.S. companies to know about and follow in developing their products and services.

Raphaël Dana, Partner, Frieh Associates (France)
João Rodrigues, Senior Legal Adviser, European Parliament Liaison Office in Washington, D.C.
Lisl Brunner, Director, Global Privacy Privacy, AT&T Services

João Rodrigues

Senior Legal Adviser
European Parliament
Liaison Office, Washington, D.C.

Lisl Brunner
Lisl Brunner

Director, Global Public Policy
AT&T Services

Raphael Dana
Raphaël Dana

Frieh Associates