In a world with GDPR and legislative initiatives in the U.S., what is the role of industry self-regulation for privacy and security? This panel will explore where self-reg works in providing leading edge thought leadership and effective enforcement, and how it can address new issues such as IoT and AI. It will look at EU, APAC, and LatAm and self-reg’s role in codes of conduct or safe harbors in emerging law and regulation.

Douglas Miller, Vice President, Global Privacy and Trust, Oath Inc.
Leigh Freund, President & CEO, Network Advertising Initiative
Matthias Matthiesen, Director for Privacy and Public Policy, Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Europe
Cari Benn, Assistant General Counsel, Microsoft Privacy and Regulatory Affairs

Room 301

Cari Benn

Assistant General Counsel

Douglas Miller

Vice President, Global Privacy and Trust

Leigh Freund
Leigh Freund

President & CEO
Network Advertising Initiative

Matthias Matthiesen

Director for Privacy & Public Policy
Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Europe