Doug Davison, Mark Keene, John Reed Stark

The SEC has recently brought several noteworthy actions underscoring privacy and data safeguards for investors. Last year, for example, the agency brought the first-ever enforcement action under Regulation S-ID’s Red Flags Rules on identity theft. While the SEC has sued public companies for a failure to disclose material data breaches to investors, as in Yahoo!’s case, public companies may soon face more scrutiny — in its recent report under Section 21A of the Exchange Act, the SEC warned publicly-traded companies to take “reasonable measures” to protect against cyberattacks, or risk internal controls violations. It’s critical for businesses to understand what’s reasonable from a regulatory perspective, but also practical to implement.  This session will explore recent enforcement trends, examine what steps SEC-regulated entities and public companies should take to comply with applicable regulations, and consider when to report data breaches.

Doug Davison, Partner, Linklaters
Mark Keene, Associate General Counsel, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
John Reed Stark, Digital Compliance Consultant, Former Chief, SEC Office of Internet Enforcement


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Doug Davison
Doug Davison


John Reed Stark
John Reed Stark

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Mark Keene
Mark Keene

Associate General Counsel, Managing Director
Bank of America Merrill Lynch