Multiple US stakeholders, including the Federal Trade Commission, the Administration, and Congress are examining a new federal privacy law borrowing key principles from the GDPR and the California privacy law. This panel will examine whether key GDPR and California concepts are workable as a new federal baseline and the relationship between data protection and innovation and pricing.

Svetlana Gans, Vice President & Associate General Counsel, NCTA
Maureen Ohlhausen, former Acting FTC Chairman, Partner, Baker Botts
Roslyn Layton, Visiting Researcher, Aalborg University, Center for Communication, Media and Information Studies (Denmark)
Liad Wagman, Associate Professor of Economics, Stuart School of Business, Illinois Institute of Technology

Room 307

svetlana gans
Svetlana Gans

Vice President & Associate General Counsel
NCTA, The Internet & Television Association

Roslyn Layton
Roslyn Layton

Visiting Scholar
American Enterprise Institute
Aalborg University

Maureen K. Ohlhausen
Maureen Ohlhausen

Baker Botts

Liad Wagman
Liad Wagman

Associate Professor of Economics
Stuart School of Business
Illinois Institute of Technology