Our Vision for the
Virtual Privacy+Security Forum

May 6-8, 2020

Because of the Covid-19 crisis, we’ve decided to hold the Privacy+Security Forum as a virtual event. Why are we doing this rather than just cancelling? How do we plan to pull it off?


We believe strongly that holding a virtual event will be a great benefit to our community, and we have a vision for how we can create an engaging and interactive experience.


Why We Are Holding a Virtual Event

With other privacy/security events cancelled, we want to create an opportunity for our community to come together. An entire year of business development, networking, reconnecting with clients, etc. will be lost. Our event aims to provide a way for us all to get together.


We will be innovative and work hard to try to encourage interactivity and help people connect in small groups and form one-to-one discussions.


Making the Event Interactive and Creating Virtual Networking

At a live event, people have time to meet with each other and readily approach people they know and catch up. These impromptu connections are a fantastic benefit of attending live events with fellow professionals!


We aim to create a new set of norms and practices during our event. We will encourage participants to block off time during the event to network virtually. We will facilitate people connecting with each other by helping them plan this prior to the event.


We will have the following opportunities for networking and engagement:


Event Sessions.  Our event sessions will be conducted through Zoom, a platform familiar to many of us. One member of our staff will stand by and participate in every session to assist speakers and participants.


We will ask speakers to incorporate time for Q&A.  Regular sessions will be recorded and made available through our website to all conference participants. Participants can now see every session they want to see, even those held concurrently


Small group Zoom video chats on particular topics (5-10 people each).  Throughout the event, you may join numerous sort video chats (15-30 mins) on many different topics. Each video chat will have a preselected discussion leader. Some of these chats will be open to all participants. In other chat groups, discussion leaders will invite participants to join.  These small groups discussions will not be recorded so that discussion can be more candid.


Virtual lunch tables – for informal discussion (up to about 8 people each).  You may join your friends at the event and grab lunch virtually! Join a virtual table while having lunch in a more informal group conversation. Each “table” will be a Zoom video chat of up to about 8 people.


Virtual exhibit booths.  We will have a virtual expo. Exhibitors will receive a Zoom video chat room for conversations and demos. Participants can schedule times to meet with exhibitors, or participants can just click a link on our expo page and chat with the exhibitors. Each exhibitor will be free to use their virtual booth in creative ways – you might be able to win prizes, receive exhibitor gifts in the mail, or see demos.


One-on-one video chats (via Skype).  A key part of an event is finding a moment to catch up one-on-one with a friend. We will be asking participants to block time to catch up with each other. We will encourage participants to reach out to friends by distributing the participant list in advance (subject to opt-out).  We will be asking participants to try to connect with at least 5 or more people briefly during the event.


Reasons for Optimism

We are optimistic that we can succeed. Here are some reasons why: (I don’t like the count-down.  Bullets are better)


  • So many participants have already expressed their overwhelming enthusiasm for our vision for a virtual event. We have received a tremendously positive response. People are eager to follow our lead and engage in the interactive activities we list above. Our community really wants to come together and do what it takes to make this event successful!


  • By eliminating travel and lodging expenses, attending the virtual event will be considerably less expensive than attending a physical event.


  • Our event will offer ways to earn CLE and CE credits.


  • Covid-19 didn’t stop the growth of privacy and security law and didn’t halt all the challenges we face. Thus far, people have overwhelmingly told us that they are interested in discussing these issues with their peers.


  • We’re now teaching our classes virtually, and we’ve already spoken virtually many times. So far, it has been a seamlessly positive experience; we know how well virtual presentations and interactions work.


Join Us and Help Us

This is the first time we’re holding an event of this size virtually. We believe that it is better to try to do something than to give up and stay cooped up in isolation. Our event is a chance to reconnect, to grow business, to speak and share ideas, to meet new people, and build our community. We believe that many will be eager to follow our lead and engage and interact virtually.


Please join us! We hope that you will engage and interact.


We welcome your ideas for our event. We are open to trying new things to make this event the best it can be!



Why Sponsor the Virtual Privacy+Security Form?

With the absence of a physical meeting space, many of the sponsorship items will transition to a virtual format. There are some very compelling reasons why this event will be a most valuable opportunity for sponsors.


Sponsors who participate will gain access to a large gathering of highly seasoned privacy professionals. This will be a wonderful opportunity to connect with people after a long period of isolation. If you want to develop business, reconnect with clients, catch up with prospects, and gain exposure in the privacy and security community, then this is the opportunity.


This situation is new to all of us. We hope that you still want to be involved in our virtual event and be part on the community we build together. There are limited ways for our community to engage right now; no other ways to speak, to share ideas, to network, to develop business. We are hoping to innovate and create a way for this to happen. Our event will be one of the only ways to reach a big audience for the foreseeable future. Our strategy is to provide complimentary registrations to many seasoned professionals to bring in a big audience, which will be a great benefit for sponsors. We are already getting a great response to our comp offers.


Finally, we have creative ideas to help sponsors gain exposure and great value from this event. If we succeed, we’ll have a large group of seasoned professionals ready to participate in sessions virtually and eager to reach out and connect with each other virtually.


Please share with us any ideas and feedback you have on our plan.


Sponsorship Networking and Exposure Opportunities

The sponsorship networking and exposure opportunities will be different for a virtual event.  We will have many exciting sponsorship offers.


Virtual Expo Booths.  Exhibiting sponsors will have a virtual exhibit booth. Through a dedicated Zoom room, sponsors can engage with participants throughout the event. Participants can easily pop into the Zoom video chat room at any time. Sponsors can be creative about how they set up their visuals and how they use their booth. The Zoom room can be used for demos, chatting, etc. Sponsors can plan activities and even have giveaways (they can mail them to people).


Branding.  There will be places for branding at various spots on our site and in our materials. We will have online schedules, our PDF schedule, instruction sheets for speakers and participants, and many more places for sponsor branding.


Email Exposure.  We will be engaging in more extensive email communications with participants. We’ll be making event announcements and other communications before, during, and after the event via email. We can feature sponsor information in these communications (whitepapers, other documents, branding, etc.)


Virtual Lunch Tables.  We are planning virtual lunch tables. Sponsors can sponsor a lunch table and get to invite folks to their table.


Gift to Selected Participants.  Sponsors can have a gift (perhaps a box of chocolates, coffee, snacks, a mug, pens, etc.) sent to selected participants prior to the event for use during the event.


Recorded Sessions Available to the Public.  Currently, only registered participants will be able to access recorded sessions after the event.

If you choose to sponsor a recorded session, we will make the recording available to you to share on your own website with an even larger audience.


Advertisements.  Sponsors can have ads in our guides and other conference pages and documents.


Additional Speaking Opportunities.  We can find additional speaking opportunities for sponsors.


Discussion Leader in a Small Group Topical Video Chat.  We will be offering many small group video chats where people can meet with each other for a short time (15-30 mins) and discuss issues of interest. We will have sign-ups for these groups. Sponsors can have their SMEs be discussion leaders for these video chats. Numerous discussion groups will be going on throughout the event. These groups will be a great way to meet leads and learn about the issues that they are concerned about and discuss them with them.


Copious Comps.  We will provide sponsors a very generous number of comps to offer to their colleagues, clients, and friends.

Solove Daniel

Daniel Solove
John Marshall Harlan Research Professor
George Washington University Law School

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Paul Schwartz
Jefferson E. Peyser Professor
University of California Berkeley School of Law