Lauren Reid, Constantine Karbaliotis, Vance Lockton

For more than a decade, privacy leaders have agreed on one thing: Canada’s privacy laws are out of date. Politicians, regulators, business leaders and advocates recognize the importance of modern privacy laws to protect Canadians while helping Canada compete in a global market. With the EU adequacy review coming up, will 2022 be the year of change? It looks possible, with the proposed Federal Bill C-11, a new draft law in Quebec, and consultations underway for an Ontario private sector law.

Lauren Reid, President, The Privacy Pro

Constantine Karbaliotis, Counsel, nNovation

Vance Lockton, Sr. Technology & Policy Advisor, Information & Privacy Commissioner of Ontario


Constantine Karbaliotis

Senior Privacy Advisor

Lauren Reid

Privacy & Digital Ethics Consultant
The Privacy Pro

Vance Lockton

Sr. Technology & Policy Advisor
Information & Privacy Commissioner of Ontario