Frequently Asked Questions

Why take these courses?

These courses will permit you to gain sophisticated knowledge about privacy law. Sessions at conferences often supply fragmented pieces of knowledge. Our courses are designed to provide detailed knowledge in a structured and coherent way.

Who is the audience?

Our courses will be useful for anyone who wants to learn about privacy, whether inside the U.S. or outside it.

Lawyers and law students can use our courses to gain basic knowledge of privacy law. Privacy professionals can fill gaps in their knowledge or learn about a new area of the law. Security and compliance officials will be able to learn more about privacy regulation.

Those without legal training can also learn from these courses, though there may be a few parts they find challenging. Even with no legal training, most of the course will still be understandable.

Who are the teachers of these courses?

Professors Daniel Solove and Paul Schwartz are recognized as leading experts in the field of privacy law. They have been teaching privacy law for over 50 years combined. They have written a 1200-page casebook, Information Privacy Law, which has been in use for more than 15 years, as well as three other privacy law casebooks and a privacy law treatise called Privacy Law Fundamentals. Both are reporters for the American Law Institute’s Principles of Law, Data Privacy.

What is the standard license?

Our standard license is access to the course for a period of 3 months. You can extend this period as desired for $30 each additional month.

Is there a way to license all the courses at a discount?

Yes. We offer an all-course license where you can have access to all of the courses in this series for $499 for 6 months.

Please note that we don’t have the complete series finished yet. The price for the all-course license is based upon the number of courses we have completed and posted to the site. We might add a course or two during the duration of your license, and these will be gratis.

As we add more courses, we will be increasing the fee for the all-course license.

Do you offer bulk pricing for institutions?

Yes, bulk pricing is available. Please contact us.

What is permissible use under the license?

You may view the course module as many times as you want during the duration of the license. Each license is valid for only one individual. Only you (or the person you’re buying the course for) may view the course. You are not permitted to show the course module and materials to others, to copy them, or disseminate them.

You are permitted to keep the handouts and readings for your own use even after the license to access the course module has expired.

How are these courses to be taken?

We recommend that you first do the reading. Reading is designated as either required or recommended. Required reading is part of the course and is key to mastering the material. We recommend watching the course module slowly and carefully. Pause, take notes, rewind and repeat. The more you engage with it, the more you will learn.

What type of verification will I get if I successfully complete and pass a course?

You are eligible to receive a printable PDF certificate from the Privacy+Security Academy signed by Professors Solove and Schwartz. You are permitted to list the course certificate on your resume or LinkedIn profile.

How do I obtain a PDF certificate?

You must pass the course by completing the entire course and answering 75% of the questions correctly.

Once you complete a course, write down the passcode on the final slide or take a screenshot of that slide. Email it to, along with your name as you want it to appear on the certificate. We will generate the signed certificate and send it back to you.

Are the courses university courses offered for a degree?

These courses are not university courses. They are not affiliated with any college or university. There is no degree associated with these courses, and the courses do not supply credit toward any degree.

What should I do if I have any questions?

If you have any questions, please contact us at

What are the technical requirements and recommendations for viewing the course modules?

The course modules work best in Chrome and Firefox on a PC or Mac, desktop or laptop. The modules play in HTML5.

We strongly recommend against using the modules on smart phones. The size of the screen will make viewing the course difficult.

We also recommend against using the Edge browser, as there have been many issues reported with Edge. Issues have also been reported on iPads and with the Apple Safari browser. While the modules will sometimes work with these browsers and devices, many issues have been reported, so the experience will be less reliable. For Internet Explorer, the modules work for most users, but some issues have been reported.

We thus recommend Chrome of Firefox for the most-reliable viewing experience.