Reference Materials

Reference materials for the upcoming 2024 Washington Roundtable will be published in the first week of September 2024.

Murky Consent: An Approach to the Fictions of Consent in Privacy Law
Daniel J. Solove, 104 Boston University Law Review (forthcoming 2024). [Link]
*This is a long article; if you’re pressed for time, please read only the introduction.

Humans in the Loop
Rebecca Crootof, Margot E. Kaminski & W. Nicholson Price II, 76 Vand. L. Rev. 429 (2023). [Link]
*This is a very long article, so we recommend skimming it.

Explanation < Justification: GDPR and the Perils of Privacy
Talia B. Gillis and Josh Simons, 2 Pa. J. L. & Innovation 71 (2019). [Link]

Algorithmic Gray Holes
Alicia Solow-Niederman, 5 Journal of Law & Innovation 116 (2023). [Link]

Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework
White House Press Release [Link]
White House Fact Sheet [Link]

The Limitations of Privacy Rights
Daniel J. Solove, 98 Notre Dame L. Rev. (2023) [Link]

Privacy and/or Trade
Paul M. Schwartz & Anupam Chander, 90 U. Chi. L. Rev. (2023).  [Link]

Law and Policy for the Quantum Age
Chris Hoofnagle and Simpson Garfinkel, (Cambridge University Press, 2022) *excerpt. [Link]

The Case for Data Privacy Rights (Or ‘Please, a Little Optimism’)
Margot E. Kaminski, Notre Dame L. Rev. Online (2022). [Link]

The Data Privacy Law of Brexit: Theories of Preference Change
Paul M. Schwartz, 22 Theoretical Inquiries in Law 111 (2021) [Link]

Standing and Privacy Harms: A Critique of TransUnion v. Ramirez
Daniel J. Solove & Danielle Keats Citron, 101 B. U. L. Rev. Online 62 (2021) [Link]

California CCPA 2.0: Does the US finally have a Data Privacy Act?
Graham Greenleaf, 168 Privacy Laws & Business International Report 13-17 (2020) [Link]

Exchanges of Personal Data After the Schrems II Judgment
European Parliament [Link]
*Read pp. 8-13 of the Executive Summary

Privacy and Cybersecurity in a Pandemic Session
Paul M. Schwartz, Tech Policy, Protecting Privacy on COVID-19 Surveillance Apps [Link]

International Privacy Law Session
Francesca Bignami, Schrems II: The Right to Privacy and the New Illiberalism [Link]
Daniel Solove, Schrems II: Reflections on the Decision and Next Steps [Link]
Propp & Swire: After Schrems II: A Proposal to Meet the Individual Redress Challenge [Link]

Supplementary Readings – Hot Topics Session
TeachPrivacy, Daniel Solove, LGPD Whiteboard [Link]

The FTC Can Rise to the Privacy Challenge, but Not Without Help From Congress
Chris Jay Hoofnagle, Woodrow Hartzog, and Daniel J. Solove [Link]

Catalyzing Privacy Law
Anupam Chander, Margot E. Kaminski and William McGeveran [Link]

Global Data Privacy: the EU Way
Paul M. Schwartz  [Link]

The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 [Link]

Analysis: The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 [Link]

LabMD, Inc. v. Federal Trade Commission
(11th Cir. June 6, 2018) [Link]

Did the LabMD Case Weaken the FTC’s Approach to Data Security?
Daniel J. Solove & Woodrow Hartzog [Link]

Why I Love the GDPR: 10 Reasons
Daniel J. Solove [Link]

Transatlantic Data Privacy Law, 106 Georgetown Law Journal
Paul M. Schwartz with Karl-Nikolaus Peifer [Link]

The Federal Trade Commission’s Inner Privacy Struggle, in The Cambridge Handbook of Consumer Privacy
Chris Jay Hoofnagle, (Evan Selinger, Jules Polonetsky, & Omer Tene, eds) (Cambridge University Press 2017) [Link]

Microsoft Ireland and a Level Playing Field for U.S. Cloud Companies
Paul Schwartz [Link]

FTC v. AT&T Mobility [Link]

The AT&T v. FTC Common Carrier Ruling and How It Changes Common Carrier Regulation [Link]

The Privacy Policymaking of State Attorneys General
Danielle Citron, [Link]

EU-US Privacy Shield Framework [Link]

FCC Enforcement Advisory, Broadband Providers Should Take Reasonable Good Faith Steps to Protect Consumer Privacy
FCC (May 20, 2015) [Link]

Terracom and Yourtel to Pay $3.5 Million to Resolve Consumer Privacy & Lifeline Investigations
FCC (July 9, 2015) [Link]

FTC v. Wyndham Worldwide Corp.
No. 14-3514 (3rd. Cir. Aug. 24, 2015) [Link]

In the Matter of Nomi Technologies, Inc.
FTC File No. 132 3251 (2015) [Link]

Internet of Things: Privacy and Security in a Connected World 
FTC (2015) [Link]

Should the FTC Kill the Password? The Case for Better Authentication
14 Bloomberg BNA Privacy & Security Law Report 1353 (July 27, 2015) [Link]

The Value of Privacy Federalism, in The Social Dimensions of Privacy
Paul Schwartz (2015) [Link]

The Scope and Potential of FTC Data Protection
Woodrow Hartzog & Daniel J. Solove, 83 George Washington Law Review (2015) [Link]

Reconciling Personal Information in the United States and European Union
Paul M. Schwartz & Daniel J. Solove, 102 California Law Review 877 (2014) [Link]

FTC on Big Data, Consumer Privacy, and the Consumer Bill of Rights
Comments of Commissioner Maureen K. Ohlhausen [Link]

FTC on Big Data, Consumer Privacy, and the Consumer Bill of Rights
Comments of Jessica Rich, Director, Bureau of Consumer Protection  [Link]

Big Data, Consumer Privacy, and the Consumer Bill of Rights
Comments  of Georgetown Center for Privacy and Technology [Link]

Big Data, Consumer Privacy, and the Consumer Bill of Rights
Comments of Chris Hoofnagle [Link]

Big Data, Consumer Privacy, and the Consumer Bill of Rights
Comments of the Article 29 Working Party [Link]

Big Data, Consumer Privacy, and the Consumer Bill of Rights
Comments of the Future of Privacy Forum [Link]