Gerry Stegmaier, Brenda Leong, Jonathan Hare

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COVID-19 is driving unprecedented change and adaptation across our lives and economy. Data challenges, especially in clinical data collection and use for machine learning and artificial intelligence applications, have never been presented more starkly—both the costs of regulation, interpretation of regulations and the attendant ethical challenges of respecting the individual while caring for the whole loom large in our response. Join our panelists consisting of civil society experts, business leaders and privacy and data experts as they discuss: a) key obstacles to clinical data collection and sharing; b) business and ethics considerations; c) options and solutions to facilitate clinical data collection and use in ways that are ethical and socially responsible.

Gerry Stegmaier, Partner, Reed Smith
Brenda Leong, Senior Counsel & Director of Strategy, Future of Privacy Forum
Jonathan Hare, CEO, WebShield


Brenda Leong


Gerard Stegmaier
Gerry Stegmaier

Reed Smith

Jonathan Hare
Jonathan Hare

CEO and Co-Founder