Miriam Farhi, Drew Liebert, Adam Connolly

A longtime expert about the California Legislature’s privacy legislation shares some insights about how we got into such a challenging and complicated digital ecosystem, and two expert counsel share some of their “wins and losses” on CCPA preparedness and discuss some of the key hurdles now facing CPRA compliance.

The first part of the workshop will include a quick overview of Quick CPRA legislative overview of California’s CCPA and the ballot initiative that gave rise to the CPRA, along with an overview of the state’s new California Privacy Protection Agency and update about the new agency’s rule making plans.

The second part of the workshop will include an in-depth discussion of the nuts and bolts of CPRA compliance.  Background about who the law applies to and regarding recent changes in the definition of “business” will be explored.  Then key new dates and enforcement hurdles will be discussed.  Most importantly, the plethora of expanded new consumer rights and business obligations will be reviewed.

The third part of the workshop will then present penetrating insights about some of the lingering CCPA compliance gaps companies are facing even before they are able to evaluate their new CPRA requirements.  These special challenges will include contracting hurdles, compliance with the new rules surrounding protecting children on the Internet, effectively dealing with “opt-out” requirements and “limit” requests.  A discussion about which activities are “in and out of scope” will also be addressed.

Finally, the panel’s legislative expert will share some brief insights about how we got into such a challenging digital ecosystem in California, and whether the laws appear to be reaching their intended legislative objectives.  He will also quickly update any major new privacy initiatives currently being considered in the California legislature this year.

Throughout the workshop, the practitioner experts will evaluate some recent trends and suggest what they may mean for companies (and how they should respond).  Time will be set aside at the conclusion of the workshop for the panelists to address attendee questions for what promises to be an illuminating and provocative discussion.

Miriam Farhi, Partner & Firmwide Co-Chair of Privacy & Security Group, Perkins Coie
Drew Liebert, Former Chief Counsel, California Assembly Judiciary Committee
Adam Connolly, Partner, Cooley


Adam Connolly


Drew Liebert
Drew Liebert

Former Chief Counsel
California Assembly Judiciary Committee

Miriam Farhi

Partner & Firmwide Co-Chair of Privacy & Security Group
Perkins Coie