April Falcon Doss, Laura W. Murphy, Camille Francois, Lindsay Gorman

As the 2020 election season in the U.S. hits its peak, the intensity of online influence operations continues to grow. Leading experts on disinformation and influence operations are drawing on the lessons from other countries and pointing to the heightened risk that the US is facing in this election cycle. Understanding how personal data is used by social media platforms – the data monetization model, the impact of algorithms, and the role of paid advertising and organic content – is essential to leveraging the power of social media while managing its risks. This session will address the technology, policy, and legal issues that are key for policymakers considering privacy legislation; for lawyers, privacy and compliance officers, and technologists in advising their clients and organizations on the ethical issues relating to data use; and for individuals in understanding how social media platforms and viral content are impacting the political environment today.

April Falcon Doss, (moderator) Partner, Cybersecurity & Privacy Practice Chair, Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr
Laura Murphy, former ACLU legislative director and lead auditor of Facebook civil rights audit
Camille Francois, Chief Innovation Officer, Graphika
Lindsay Gorman, Emerging Technologies Fellow, Alliance for Securing Democracy

April Falcon Doss

Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr

Camille Francois

Chief Innovation Officer

Laura Murphy

former ACLU legislative director and lead auditor of Facebook civil rights audit

Lindsay Gorman

Emerging Technologies Fellow
Alliance for Securing Democracy