Rohan Massey, Colin Rooney, Laura Liguori, Vera Jungkind

Corporate compliance obligations increasingly lead to internal investigations which require organizations to review data held on corporate IT systems and mobile devices used by employees. These investigations create a tension between the organization’s compliance obligations and the individual’s rights under data protection law. This panel will explore the different approaches to the employees’ expectations of privacy; the challenges of distinguishing corporate from personal, as employees increasingly use their own devices or apps for their work; and the scoping of searches to ensure that compliance obligations are met without infringing data protection laws. Finally, we will look to cover what happens when organizations get this wrong and what they can do to mitigate the risks of this happening.

Rohan Massey, Partner, Ropes & Gray (UK)

Colin Rooney, Partner,Arthur Cox (Ireland)

Laura Liguori, Partner, Portolano Cavallo (Italy)

Vera Jungkind, Partner, Hengeler Mueller (Germany)


Colin Rooney

Arthur Cox

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Laura Liguori

Portolano Cavallo

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Rohan Massey

Ropes & Gray

Vera Jungkind
Vera Jungkind

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