Jason Cronk, Shoshana Rosenberg, Lauren Reid

Whether you’re getting started in the privacy profession or have been around since the beginning, you have undoubtedly been influenced by “truisms.” Privacy is evolving, and so should our thinking and language. This session will invite participants to challenge the assumptions their organizations may have inherited or developed over time. The panelists will discuss a few of the most common phrases or concepts that are considered canon, but whose use might need to be revisited.

Jason Cronk, Privacy Engineer, Enterprivacy Consulting Group
Shoshana Rosenberg, Founder and General Counsel, SafePorter
Lauren Reid, Privacy and Digital Ethics Consultant, The Privacy Pro


Jason Cronk
Jason Cronk

Privacy Engineeer
Enterprivacy Consulting Group

Lauren Reid

Privacy & Digital Ethics Consultant
The Privacy Pro

Shoshana Rosenberg
Shoshana Rosenberg

Founder & General Counsel