Jessica Lee, Nerissa McGinn,
Chanda Marlowe, Dona Fraser, Nur-Ul-Haq

We are entering a new era of regulation for children’s privacy. With the rise of edtech during the pandemic and the increase digital content and activities that attract children and teens, regulators, advocates and consumers have all raised concerns about whether minor’s data is being adequately protected online. Existing laws are being enforced with more frequency, and new laws focusing not just on privacy, but also the safety and mental health of kids and teens, are poised to have wide-ranging implications for the design of digital platforms.  And now several states are considering specific laws directed at minors’ use of social media platforms.  These laws not only affect traditional education technology (edtech) companies and kidstech companies that provide digital products and services for children but also general audience sites that may have considered themselves to be outside of the scope of COPPA.

In this session, we will unpack this patchwork of laws, discuss what we see on the horizon, and walk the audience through the steps their organizations can take to prepare for these changes.

Jessica Lee, Partner, Loeb & Loeb (moderator)
Nerissa McGinn, Partner, Loeb & Loeb
Chanda Marlowe, Associate, Loeb & Loeb
Dona Fraser, Senior VP, Privacy Initiatives, BBB National Programs
Nur-Ul-Haq, SVP Global Privacy and Kids’ Compliance, Nickelodeon Business and Legal Affairs & Corporate Privacy

Chanda Marlowe

Loeb & Loeb

Dona Fraser

Senior VP, Privacy Initiatives
BBB National Programs

Jessica Lee
Jessica Lee

Loeb & Loeb

Nerissa McGinn

Loeb & Loeb


SVP Global Privacy and Kids’ Compliance
Nickelodeon Business & Legal Affairs & Corporate Privacy