Leila Golchehreh, David Blonder, Liz Roberts, Cortney Worthy

As global privacy laws constantly change and we undergo an AI renaissance, privacy professionals must critically evaluate how to build effective programs that keep pace with the rest of the organization, and technology developments. Join this session to learn more about the most critical focus areas to ensure as you build your global–or U.S.-focused–privacy program, it has all the right pillars to ensure: (i) true privacy by design; (ii) how to integrate into business workflows–without disrupting teams; and (iii) the foundational elements of your program can adapt to new developments in law and technology. You will leave with answers to the top five key questions that should be at the top of every program list, which can make it easier to land on the right solutions for your organization.

Leila Golchehreh, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Relyance AI
David Blonder, Director, Privacy, DocuSign
Liz Roberts, Senior Privacy Counsel, DuckDuckGo
Cortney Worthy, Compliance Data Governance Leader, Zoom


Cortney Worthy

Compliance Data Governance Leader

David Blonder

Director, Privacy

Leila Golchehreh

Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Relyance AI

Liz Roberts

Senior Privacy Counsel