Leila Golchehreh, Meredith Halama, Josef Ansorge

Historically, privacy and engineering teams have struggled to effectively work together. Some have even said “engineering is from Mars, privacy is from Venus”. One of the primary reasons for these challenges is the workflows for each of these teams can dramatically vary. In this panel, you’ll learn how privacy, legal, and engineering teams can seamlessly work together to manage privacy, governance, and compliance operations through the use of new technologies and move beyond spreadsheets, surveys, and manual workflows, which do not meet user needs.

We’ll discuss:

  • Why the increase in privacy laws has strained the relationship between legal and engineering;
  • How to improve the relationship between engineering and privacy teams by using new technology to detect personal and sensitive data without surveys and spreadsheets;
  • How new technology can help automate previously manual privacy operations tasks; and
  • How “shift-left” approaches and observability solutions can truly help solve the challenge of engineering privacy by design.


Leila Golchehreh, Co-founder and CEO, Relyance AI
Meredith Halama, Partner, Perkins Coie
Josef Ansorge, Of Counsel, Quinn Emanuel


Josef Ansorge

Special Counsel

Leila Golchehreh

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
Relyance AI

Meredith Halama

Perkins Coie