Jon Frankel, Lorenzo Robleto, Kim Richardson

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) continues to be the most popular vehicle for class action lawsuits creating significant potential liability for companies who wish to communicate with and market to customers using text messages. And, now after years of different federal court decisions interpreting the TCPA and creating a compliance morass, the Supreme Court is getting into the Act. This panel will explore the legal and regulatory landscape for TCPA compliance and provide suggestions on how companies using text messages can mitigate potential liability.

Jon Frankel, Shareholder, Zwillgen
Lorenzo Robleto, Senior Privacy and Product Counsel, Doordash
Kim Richardson, AGC Privacy, Advertising & Marketing, Mattel

Jon Frankel
Jon Frankel


Kim Richardson
Kim Richardson

Chief Privacy Officer

Lorenzo Robleto

Senior Privacy and Product Counsel