Ann Waldo, Daniel Barth-Jones, Fielding Greaves

Evolving state law is undermining the legal foundation governing medical research. Because CCPA neither exempts all federally permissible medical research nor recognizes HIPAA de-identification, medical research will face significant new legal complexities and delays. Efforts are underway to protect research. The California Senate Health Committee has advanced a bill to take medical research and HIPAA-de-identified health data out of the CCPA, and similar efforts continue in other states. This session will explain current research uses of HIPAA de-identified data, review CCPA de-identification and research provisions, analyze technical and practical differences between HIPAA, CCPA, and FTC-based de-identification standards, and describe 2020 legislative efforts to minimize harm to medical research from CCPA and other new laws.


Ann Waldo, Principal, Waldo Law Offices
Daniel Barth-Jones, Professor, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University
Fielding Greaves, Senior Director, State & Regional Government Affairs, AdvaMed


Ann Waldo
Ann Waldo

Waldo Law Offices

Daniel Barth Jones
Daniel Barth-Jones

Mailman School of Public Health
Columbia University

Fielding Greaves
Fielding Greaves

Senior Director, State & Regional Government Affairs