Andy Lunsford, Jodi Daniels, Chris Donewald, Eric Heath

Privacy Incident Response needs evolve over the life of an organization and vary depending on the size and sector of a business. This panel will dive into incident response best practices, how they change as an organization matures, and the common baselines to target for all organizations. To start, many organizations lack even a basic plan, instead primarily relying on outside law firms and consultants to “figure it out” when a breach occurs. This reactionary approach tends to result in disaster and makes every incident more expensive. The deadlines for regulatory and contractual notification are extremely short and valuable hours are lost when law firms and consultants need to “figure it out.” The panel will outline simple and inexpensive actions that will elevate an incident response program into a more proactive posture.

Andy Lunsford (moderator), Founder & CEO, BreachRx

Jodi Daniels, Founder & CEO, Red Clover Advisors

Chris Donewald, Director, Managing Counsel, Affirm

Eric Heath, VP, Deputy General Counsel & Chief Privacy, Ancestry

Andy Lunsford

Founder & CEO

Chris Donewald

Director, Managing Counsel

VP, Deputy General Counsel & Chief Privacy

Jodi Daniels

Founder & CEO
Red Clover Advisors