Brandon Schneider, Richard Newbold, Aaron Burciaga, Margart Leary, Christopher Lee

This workshop will highlight the benefits and requirements of Next Generation PII Data Mapping. We envision a future where PIAs (as we know them today) will be a thing of the past. True privacy risk analysis is better conducted in real time. In the time it takes to write and obtain PIA approval, the PIA described conditions have changed. We challenge the community to build what we envision.


Brandon Schneider, IT Data Privacy Attorney, IAPP FIP
Aaron Burciaga, Chair, Analytics Certification Board
Margaret Leary, Professor, Cybersecurity
Richard Newbold, Data Governance & Privacy SME
Christopher Lee, Principal Privacy Engineer, MITRE

Aaron Burciaga

Chair, Analyics Certification Board

Brandon Schneider

IT Data Privacy Attorney

Christopher Lee

Principal Privacy Engineer

Margaret Leary

Professor, Cybersecurity

Richard Newbold

Data Governance & Privacy SME