Kabir Barday

While the California Consumer Privacy Act is now law, many key amendments and details about the law only passed just before the law’s effective date – meaning privacy and security pros are still working to build CCPA-compliant programs. Thankfully, the California AG is giving a grace period until July 1 before enforcement action is taken, giving companies a few more months to put the final pieces of a CCPA program together. In this session, we’ll share all the latest news on the CCPA law, including which amendments passed and how that impacts your privacy program. We’ll share case studies and research on CCPA preparedness and you’ll take home a roadmap and action plan to build CCPA-compliant programs that can transform to meet your global privacy objectives.
-Understand the latest CCPA developments and amendment actions
-Learn how to build a CCPA-compliant program ahead of the July 1 enforcement date
-Takeaway a roadmap and action plan for building CCPA programs that can also meet global privacy compliance goals

Kabir Barday, Founder & CEO, OneTrust


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Kabir Barday

Founder & CEO