Arianna Evers, Ali Jessani, Matthew Ferraro

Addressing consumer protection and privacy considerations for entities developing and using artificial intelligence (AI) is challenging in an age of regulatory uncertainty. This panel will discuss what laws are already in place that govern AI, as well as potential pathways that are beginning to emerge for regulating the technology. Drawing on their experience, the speakers will provide some practical strategies for compliance and reducing risk for AI uses that are consumer or employee-facing or that use personal data.

Arianna Evers, Special Counsel, WilmerHale
Ali Jessani, Senior Associate, WilmerHale
Matthew Ferraro, Senior Counselor, Department of Homeland Security (Mr. Ferraro is speaking on this panel in his personal capacity.)

Ali Jessani
Ali Jessani

Senior Associate

Arianna Evers

Special Counsel

Matthew Ferraro

Senior Counselor
Department of Homeland Security