Paul Schwartz, Dan Solove, Christopher Wolf, Brenda Leong

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This session will focus on the American Law Institute (ALI) Principles of Law, Data Privacy.  Seven years in the making, lead by co-reporters Paul Schwartz and Daniel Solove, along with a group of judges, academics, and distinguished practitioners, the ALI Data Privacy Principles provides a new approach at developing a comprehensive privacy law. The ALI is a longstanding organization that produces restatements of law, model codes, and other projects that have had a tremendous influence on US law.  The goal of the ALI Data Privacy Principles is to harmonize the GDPR with the US approach while retaining the core commitments and values of US privacy law.  The Principles also seeks to take the US approach in new directions without pushing it too far. Join the co-reporters and several other privacy thought leaders for a discussion of the project and the effectiveness of certain choices and approaches.


Paul Schwartz, Jefferson E. Peyser Professor, University of California Berkeley School of Law
Daniel Solove, John Marshall Harlan Research Professor, George Washington University Law School
Christopher Wolf, Senior Counsel, Hogan Lovells and Founder, Future of Privacy Forum
Brenda Leong, Senior Counsel & Director of Strategy, Future of Privacy Forum


Brenda Leong


Christopher Wolf

Senior Counsel
Hogan Lovells

Solove Daniel
Daniel Solove

Eugene L. and Barbara A. Bernard Professor of Intellectual Property and Technology Law
George Washington University Law School

Paul Schwartz

Jefferson E. Peyser Professor of Law, Director of the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology
University of California Berkeley School of Law