Reed Freeman, Chelsea Reckell, Brandy Walsh

Laws regarding the collection, use, and dissemination of information from individuals’ computers, phones, and other IOT devices are constantly in flux, which affects every business that relies on tracking for targeted advertising and data analytics.  This session looks at various tracking technologies and the changing landscape of laws regulating online, mobile, social media, and IOT tracking around the world, including in the United States (and California in particular), Canada, the European Union, Asia, and Latin and South America.  This session also discusses the future of third-party tracking technologies in light of changing laws and business paradigms, and ultimately to how businesses can build a global compliance plan.

Reed Freeman, Partner, Venable
Chelsea Reckell, Privacy Law Group, Venable
Brandy Walsh, Attorney, Privacy Compliance, Acxiom Corporation

Brandy Walsh

Attorney, Privacy Compliance
Acxiom Corporation

Chelsea Reckell

Privacy Law Group

Reed Freeman

Partner & Co-Chair, Privacy Group
ArentFox Schiff