Kieran Donovan, Timothy Ma, Denis Low

The last few years have seen significant change in data protection and cybersecurity across the Asia-Pacific. Many jurisdictions moved to review and strengthen existing data privacy and cybersecurity laws and law enforcement organizations and central and local regulators have been actively investigating and enforcing violations against cybersecurity and privacy protection requirements. We will discuss the privacy and security landscape in Asia, with a view to identifying key lessons and implications of these developments, understanding the key risk areas and what regulators are focusing on, and what is on the horizon.

Kieran Donovan, Lawyer, Latham & Watkins

Timothy Ma, Data Protection Officer, Tencent

Denis Low, Senior Director & Senior Regional Legal Counsel, Prudential

Denis Low

Senior Director & Senior Regional Legal Counsel

Kieran Donovan
Kieran Donovan

Latham & Watkins

Timothy Ma

Data Protection Officer