Graham Dufault, Paula Bruening, Eric Goldman, Bob Potter

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U.S. lawmakers have labored in recent years to achieve consensus on national privacy legislation, despite several high-profile data breaches and decreasing trust in the large tech incumbents to self-regulate. This panel will discuss and assess various approaches to national privacy legislation, including the pros and cons of federal preemption, and how to best balance concerns about competitiveness in efforts enhance consumer privacy.


Graham Dufault, Senior Director for Public Policy, ACT | The App Association
Paula Bruening, Founder & Principal, Casentino Strategies
Bob Potter, President & CEO, SentryOne
Eric Goldman, Professor of Law, Co-Director of the High Tech Law Institute, and Supervisor of the Privacy Law Certificate, Santa Clara University School of Law

Bob Potter
Bob Potter

President & CEO

Eric Goldman

Professor of Law
Santa Clara University School of Law

Graham Dufault
Graham Dufault

Senior Director for Public Policy
ACT | The App Association

Paula Bruening
Paula Bruening

Founder & Principal
Casentino Strategies